Remember when you were a kid?  The big haul of candy that you would get for Halloween after trick or treating?  It was amazing!!!  I would be eating candy for days!  That was, of course, after my mom went through it and decided that what I came home with was safe for consumption.  Sad as that is.

The worst thing I remember was getting an apple.  So dumb.  No one wanted an apple.  Baxter remembers the worst thing being popcorn balls.  I thought they were pretty good depending on who made them. One lady on our block would put good stuff in hers like caramel.  Yummy!

'Rave' (TM), 'First Kiss' (TM), MN #1955 apple from the University of Minnesota.
Univ. of MN, David L. Hansen

But this brings us to what is the most popular candy now when kids go out trick or treating?  If I'm actually home, which rarely happens on Halloween, but if I am, I will give out Reeses Peanut Butter Cups or M & Ms or some fun size candy bar.  I'm going to be honest- I'm not going to worry about a peanut allergy or something because that is the parent's job to go through the candy like my parents did.


This may explain why the most popular candy right now overall is Skittles.  That makes total sense.  No worries about most allergies... just a sugar rush.  The most popular in Minnesota is Tootsie Pops followed by Skittles and candy corn.  Still makes sense.

What are you planning for Halloween?

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