Picture this, you wake up on a fine November morning, pour some coffee and walk over and open the curtains. The view is slightly different than when you went to bed.  The ground is covered with this frozen concoction often referred to as snow.


There are three kinds of people. Those that love the snow, those that hate the snow and those that live somewhere else.

This morning, I rolled my butt out of bed at 4 AM and the rest of me followed. Ten minutes later I got up off the floor and started brewing some coffee. Technically, I'm legally dead until I have my coffee.

I wandered to the window and couldn't help but notice all this bright white snow on the ground. By pure instinct, I opened my mouth and exclaimed "__________".  Actually, I can't actually say what I said but I'm sure you could guess and come close.

What's the first thing you say when you see it has snowed overnight?

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