The National Weather Service has issued a La Ninã Watch, meaning cool water temperatures are along the equator in the Pacific Ocean, but what does that have to do with this winter in Minnesota?

Well, a strong La Nina generally means colder than normal winters for us. When you look back at similar years, some have had below normal temperatures, and some have had above normal temperatures -- so experts generally feel that there's an equal chance of falling on either side of the below/above normal temperature line in 2021-2022.

National Weather Service
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La Nina in the pacific also usually means above normal precipitation for Minnesota, which could result in a snowier than normal season ahead.

NOAA's precipitation outlook for January 2022 through March 2022 does indeed call for a chance of above normal precipitation.

National Weather Service

The average winter in Saint Cloud typically delivers 48 inches of snow. So you can get a bit of an idea what a 'snowier than normal' winter could deliver.

National Weather Service

Interestingly, both the Farmer's Almanac and the Old Farmer's Almanac are predicting a wetter and colder than normal winter for Minnesota during the 2021-2022 season.

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