I swear, I have to find some kind of silver lining in all this freezing cold weather. I've spent over 30% of my life in warmer climates and for some odd reason, I'm always drawn back to the tundra.


So, in an effort to stay positive until more palatable temperatures return, whenever that will be, here are a few things that could be seen a positive about our current wintry stuff.

My drinks stay cold when I put them on the window sill

No bugs

Astro, my dog, takes care of his business outside much quicker

Don't have to mow the lawn

Trash can doesn't stink

When I trip, I can blame it on the ice

I can,technically, walk on water

That pesky sun doesn't shine all damn day

I appear somewhat hearty to my warm weather friends on Facebook

And finally, I rarely have to "adjust" my stuff

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