We all have our little quirks. Things that get under our skin. They can be major things or most likely just little things that hit a nerve.


I'm pretty low key on most stuff. You know, the old, don't sweat what you can't change. Well, that doesn't hold up for most people.

You've probably heard me rant on the evil "left lane cruisers". The drivers that just hang in the left lane of highway 10 or I-94 and hold up the faster traffic. I think most of them are just ignorant to the fact that the left lane is for passing only. It's NOT just an optional lane to drive in.

Secondly, for me , is lying people. We are getting a whole lot of that on the recent political scene. It happens in politics all the time but this is really an escalated version of it all. I see people just making stuff up. Drives me crazy.

What irritates the hell out of you?

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