It's good to have work/life balance. You can't (or shouldn't) just work your life away, but there are still bills to pay. The Midwest appears to have the work/life balance thing figured out.

Among cities in the United States with populations over 200,000 folks, the Twin Cities were named tops in the country.

New England Lags in Work/Life Balance

Jersey City, Baltimore, Newark, and New York City (NEW YORK CITY...get a rope) were ranked very low. Apparently, the northeast is notorious for long work hours. Sucks to be them.

The Midwest Has the Best Work/Life Balance

In terms of stereotypes, Midwesterners are laid back compared to the coastal workaholics. Minneapolis ranked #1 in work/life balance for the second year in a row, with St Paul at #2, up from #6 last year.

Nebraska also had two cities in the Top 10 (but not the top two so *raspberry*): Lincoln in Omaha.

Wisconsin joined the party, with Madison coming in at 4th. Des Moines, Iowa rounded out the Top Ten at...#10.

The Pandemic Made Work/Life Balance (Finally) A Top Priority For Americans

Many businesses with employees who could work remotely chose to have them do so instead of layoffs. And something magical happened: people realized they can do their job perfectly fine - oftentimes more efficiently - when working from home. Corporation-funded "studies" claim the opposite because of course they do. And office buildings sat empty or mostly empty while workers continued to do their jobs just fine from their home office/bedroom/beach.

That's a different Internet Shouting Match, though.

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H/T: Study Finds

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