It seems every Minnesota bar I've gone into lately has an obsession with the bean bag toss game. Is it really becoming "America's New Past Time Game"?

If you're not familiar with this game, it's all about tossing bean bags into a hole on a slightly elevated board about 20 feet away. If you get a bag in the hole, you get 3 points. If it lands on the board, you get 1 point. Your opponent's bags that land on the board, or in the hole, cancel out your points. The 1st to get 21 points is the winner.

I understand that it's a game and the big craze right now, but you almost HAVE to play it outside unless your bar has an acre of free space inside! The problem with having to play outside...where do you put your drink while you're throwing? Actually, I'm kind of joking, that's what these are for:

drink stick by JDT HARRIS INC
Photo by: Amazon/JDT HARRIS INC

This past weekend I played the game with some friends and I can honestly say I'm awful at it. Everything slides off the board, or doesn't even make it on the board. It may have something to do with me being left-handed, or just a bad thrower.

It's fun to watch though! There are some very talented bag tossers that can hit the hole nearly every time. So for all you elite-level bag tossers...I raise my glass to you. You keep throwing your bags and having a tantrum when you get your bag pushed off the board. After all, you're just taking part in the new "America's Past Time Game", and everybody's doing it!

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