Now I am the first one to say that Baxter is weird when it comes to food.  Like he doesn't like peanut butter and jelly mixed together.  He doesn't like the different flavors of Cheerios and he doesn't like anything but plain or peanut M&Ms.  Really?  Ummm ok.

Photo: Laura Bradshaw


But when it comes to Oreos, donuts... I caved with the bacon weirdness, and things that should just stay in their lane, I tend to go with the idea of "why ya gotta mess with stuff?"

Laura Bradshaw

Enter Fruit or Froot Loop Donuts.  Really?  How about Hot chicken Wing or Wasabi Oreos?  No way!!  Granted, those are only in China, and there is probably very little chance that they will make it over here, but still.  The Froot Loop donuts are in this country, though.  Carl's Jr and Hardee's have those little gems.  Yuck.

Logo Carl's Jr and Hardee's

i had to come to grips with the idea of weird flavored potato chips.  Those are generally Lays potato chips.  But I gave most of them a chance.  Oreos.  I can't even.