Most of us have our favorite libation and pretty much stick to it and there are those that venture out to unknown buzzes. Each liquor seems to conjure up different behavior in us. Here are a few facts covering the trouble your favorite drink might cause.

Tequila Sales Boom During Coronavirus Pandemic
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Two thousand drinkers were polled, and I mean that in the nicest way, about what kind of liquor the drank when they did stupid stuff. See if you can spot yourself in here anywhere.

It turns out whiskey drinkers get arrested more than other drinkers. twice as many people confessed to drinking whiskey when they got arrested. Rum was 2nd and tequila came in 3rd.

Those vodka drinkers, it seems, like to get naked out in public.  Over 30% of people that have streaked, confessed to hammering down some vodka beforehand. Over 40% of people polled that had tattoos, got inked up while under the influence of vodka.

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In the 70's I remember the United States sent Russia tons and tons of potatoes because they were short of food. Well, in true Soviet style, they made those potatoes into vodka and sold it back to us.  Lesson learned.

I've had several run ins with tequila over the years.  Always gives me that "Let's get arrested" feeling. Turns out you are more likely to start impromptu fires while all juiced up on tequila. Also tequila causes the worst hangovers.

When I was a bartender, back in the day, and came to work after a tequila bender, I could smell the tequila all the way across the bar as soon as I walked in.

I have more tequila stories but I'd have to check the statue of limitations in several states before I dare share them.

Feel free to share your stories. Cheers!!




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