Again, I don't know why we have to keep saying this but DON'T drink and drive. You can believe that the State Patrol will be pretty vigilant on those that chose to drink and drive.  Bad things can happen.

Nobody wants to deal with getting a DUI and that's the least of the bad things that can happen when you're liquored up behind the wheel. God forbid you injure or kill someone. And remember, the judge won't be in until Monday morning.

That being said, Minnesota State Patrol will have extra patrols out this Thanksgiving weekend looking for those driving after having maybe "one too many".

I can't believe this is even still an issue, no texting while driving. The State Patrol will be watching for texters, so do yourself and everyone else on the road and don't text and drive. A few seconds with your eyes off the road could be your last.

The State Patrol will also be cracking down on speeders. Speeding on Minnesota roads has been out of control this year and the speed related fatalities have been well above the average.

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As always remember, DON'T BE A LOSER, DON'T BE A LEFT LANE CRUISER!  Just when I think that some people are finally getting the left lane rule, things seem to revert right back to a steady stream of left lane cruisers. Left lane is for passing only. Pass and then just get back in the right lane.  Simple, right?

Have a safe and fun weekend with family and friends and happy Thanksgiving!

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