Yes, we are Minnesotans, but that doesn't mean that we don't realize how ungodly cold it is right now.  These temperatures are crazy,  Luckily it doesn't last that long... Saturday looks to be above freezing.  Which is going to feel almost like a heat wave.  Seriously... let's go to the beach!


Well, that's an exaggeration...

But since you will still have to travel places in your vehicle and there is that chance that you could spin out, have car trouble, or whatever the case may be.. you should have some sort of survival kit INSIDE your car.  Not in the trunk- it could freeze shut.. then what?

You know it's winter
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So- there are a few things that you should keep with you.  The obvious things are a blanket, hand warmers, jumper cables, bottled water... I would keep those not quite full in case they freeze however,  But there are some other items you should keep that I hadn't necessarily though about.  I also hadn't thought of kitty litter- good for traction.  I feel like that should be with you at all times.


Stay warm!!!

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