This is a debate that continues for this day.  Should stores be open with limited hours for early Black Friday deals or wait until it is actually Black Friday?  My opinion, and I've worked A LOT of retail is this... wait until at least 6pm on Thanksgiving if you are going to be open.  Or, opening Friday morning at like 5am is also fine.  There is always the argument stating that if you don't want to go shopping on Thanksgiving, don't go.  But, the issue comes in when you think about the people who have to work on that day, and don't get to have any Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends.


I do know of some people who get paid extra for working on holidays and want the extra cash.  But in the world of retail, that rarely happens.

What stores are actually going to be open?  Generally it's the big box stores such as these...

Once again major retailers, including Target, Walmart, Best Buy, J.C. Penney, Macy's and Kohl's are flashing the holiday shopping spirit early with in-store Black Friday specials on Thanksgiving Day.

For the first time, Bed Bath and Beyond will swing open its doors while some families are still carving up the turkey.GameStop will cater to its gamer customers by opening at 3 p.m. Nov. 28 after being closed on Thanksgiving in 2018. 

And some other larger retail store will remain closed, as they always do...

...Apple, wholesale clubs Costco and Sam's Club, home improvement stores, office supply store chains Office Depot and Staples will remain closed on the holiday and will begin dangling promotions on Black Friday.

Will you go shopping later in the day on Thanksgiving or wait until Friday morning?  There may be something to be said for working off what you ate on Thursday.  Just sayin'...

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