Just seeing that, I would think it would have something to do with turkey.  Right?  Well, you would be wrong if that's your first thought.  At least here in Minnesota.  There are some states that do google questions about turkey, how to make it, blah blah blah, but here in Minnesota, it's a much more embarrassing subject.  We google "What is Thanksgiving".  WHAT??  That's why I'm saying it's embarrassing, because why don't we know what that is?

Grzegorz Oleksa

There are plenty of other subjects pertaining to Thanksgiving that are being googled, but Minnesota- what are you doing?  I get the "when is Thanksgiving" one... but isn't it always the 3rd Thursday in November every year?  Well, guess what... I googled and found out that it is actually the 4th Thursday in November.  This was something that was passed in 1941.  Like it's a law that congress passed.  I had no idea we had a "law" regarding Thanksgiving.


Most other states were googling things like how to make things... except Colorado who was wondering about turkey bowling.  Now that's just weird. And states in the South want to know where they can go and eat at a restaurant for their Thanksgiving.

Whatever way you celebrate- be Thankful!  (Oh, that was another one... people in South Dakota needed help with why they should be thankful.  Uhhhh ok then.  Happy Thanksgiving!