Okay, I may be a bit superstitious about some things and I have to admit, those things I'm superstitious of are pretty ridiculous.  For instance, I can't sit in a restaurant with my back to the door.


I'm guessing that maybe in a past life, I was shot in the back or something. My wife is used to this weird quirk I have always agrees to sit with her back to the door. I tell her I'll warn her if a shooter comes in.

Another stupid superstition I suffer from is that I won't pick up a penny if it's tails up. On the flip side, I MUST pick a penny up if it's heads up.  I have absolutely no idea what would happen but I'm not taking any chances.

Black cats, walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, etc. are some common superstitions that don't bother me at all.

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I've always wondered about why the number 13 is so scary for some people. Some hotels actually go to the length of not having a 13th floor. Well, anyone with half a brain, I would be one, would have to know that there actually is a 13th floor and they just number it as 14, skipping the scary 13 number.

Sometimes, commercial airlines skip the number 13 also.  The rows of seats jump from row 12 to row 14.  I've got news for you, normally when a plane goes down, it takes every row with it.

Speaking of the number 13, Minnesota's number one superstition is Friday the 13th. Fortunately for those afraid of that day, there is only one Friday the 13th this year and it happens in August.

So, throw some salt over your shoulder and grab your lucky rabbit's foot, which didn't turn out to be so lucky for the rabbit, and carry on with your day.

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