Up and Slightly Adam paid us his usual Thursday visit to fill us in on what's new this week at Parkwood Theaters.

Up first, "Dark Waters" staring Ann Hathaway and Mark Ruffalo in this true story where they go after big chemical company, Dupount for polluting the water. Trailer below

Up next, one for the kids. "Play Mobile" takes all through the Play Mobile Universe on an adventure for the kids.  You might enjoy it also.  Trailer below


"Waves" touted as maybe the best movie of the year by critics. Teen angst set in Florida.  Trailer below

And finally, "Honey Boy" is a movie written by Shia Beouf wrote about his life as a boy. this looks like a pretty good movie. Shia Beouf plays his father in the movie. Check out the trailer below.

Also Parkwood will by running some Holiday classics during the December.  Movies like "Elf" & "The Grinch" will be playing at various times thru the month.

ATTENTION:  "Star Wars" will be showing starting December 26th.   ORDER YOUR TICKETS NOW!  They are selling fast.

You can order all tickets online at marcustheaters.com or fandango.com

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