Up and Slightly Adam stopped by the Loon studio this morning to let us know what's showing on the big screens at Parkwood Theaters this weekend.

We can start with "Call of the Wild" starring Harrison Ford..  Everyone likes a dog movie, right?  Buck, the dog is taken from his big city environment and transplanted in the wild of the Yukon.. I read this book as a kid and am hoping the movie lives up to the book. Buck is actually played by a rescue dog named Bucky. It was just meant to be.  Check out the trailer

Next we have a horror movie starring Katie Holmes.  "The Boy II" is one of those "doll comes alive" type horror flicks.  See for yourself in the trailer below


Startng March 1st, Parkwood has a special treat for cat lovers. It's the "Cat Video Fest".  Videos of cats. I'm sorry, but I won't be seeing this one. I just picture a bunch of cat ladies lined up for tickets. Well, each to their own, I guess. Trailer below

Also showing this weekend at Parkwood, check out the website. https://www.marcustheatres.com/theatre-locations/parkwood-cinema-waite-park

Get your tickets online at marcustheaters.com or fandango.com

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