The state fair is something I look forward to every year.  Even though I feel like it marks the end of the summer, I'm still happy when it is fair time.  I don't go every year, but at least every other...even when I didn't live in Minnesota, I still made it back for the fair.  Fun fact- did you know that the Minnesota State Fair is considered one of the best state fairs in the country?  Minnesota and Texas.  So that's something.

I always have to do some things every time.  Like CHEESE CURDS!!  But you have to get the ones in the food building.  Those are the best.  There are also some new things...

First- the really important thing- new restroom facility.

Those delicious cookies that have been in the same location by the Grandstand for years has now moved onto Machinery Hill with a brand new building and state of the art baking facility.  They can bake like 2000 cookies at once!  I need one of those ovens.  WOW!  And yes, I know you can buy the dough frozen at the grocery store, but they just don't taste quite the same.  Nice try, though.

There are seven new rides to check out on the Midway.  Most or all of them I will not be on, but I will go look anyway.  Except for the Haunted Castle ride.  That might be cool.

Oh- and if you get tickets today you can save a little money too.  The tickets are good for any day at the fair, but you need to buy today.  (Wednesday).

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