Up and Slightly Adam stopped by the Loon studios to fill us in on this Weekend's new releases. Horror, Christmas,Comedy, History and just plain weird all happening this weekend at Parkwood.

Up first, a pretty scary flick. Stephen King picks up where "The Shining" left off with "Dr Sleep". This one looks pretty intense. The kind of movie that                                                                 just might keep you up at night.  Check out the                                                                   trailer below

Up nest "Last Christmas".  Emma Thompson has a tough for of it working in a Christmas store.  Trailer below


"Playing With Fire" is about some firemen that find kids living alone in the middle of nowhere. They,while babysitting these kids, set out to find their parents. This is a comedy for the whole family.  Trailer below

Next we have historically accurate movie about the World War II battleship, Midway. "Midway" depicts the Midway's pivotal role in winning World War II.  Trailer below

And finally, a psycho drama entitled "The Lighthouse".  This one was shot entirely in B&W and seems pretty much on the weird side.  If your into weird, this could be the one for you. Trailer below

Get your tickets online at marcus/parkwoodtheaters.com or fandango.com

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