The 4th of July has to be the most, if not the most popular grilling day of the year. It seems, it doesn't matter what's cooking on the grill. It's all good, right?


Hot dogs! How can anything that tastes so freakin' good be so bad for you. Yeah, some mustard, ketchup,a few onions, maybe some relish. Now, that's hard to resist. but then add a side of sweet corn, some potato salad and of course, watermelon. I'm actually drooling on my keyboard, which isn't all that unusual. Ha!

Let's not forget the delicious grilled burgers or maybe even steaks grilled to perfection. Throw in some of those cheesy hash browns and some sweet corn on the cob and we are talking a gourmet hat trick.

Years ago, I went to a friends lake cabin where my friend cooked up a slightly more original grilled dinner. This was probably one of the best I've ever had. Hell, it must be, because I still remember how tasty it was. He grilled some salmon fillets, some scallops wrapped in bacon and potato skins on the grill. Sound good? Well, it was awesome.

Whatever you are having this 4th of July, good food combined with family and friends is a winning combo.

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