Remember when we used to take concerts for granted?  There was one nearby just about every week if not multiple shows in a week. All that has changed and hopefully things will get back up to speed.


Anyway, it got me thinking about all the great concerts I've had the opportunity to experience. Of course, being in radio all these years, the opportunity presented itself often. I don't think I paid for a concert for 30 years, thanks to my job.

When people ask what's the best concert I've seen, I always first think of Eric Clapton at the Sundome in Tampa, Florida. My boss at the time gave me 5th row center tickets. Clapton put on an unbelievable show.

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I also remember, from that show, that when the place emptied out, one guy was left in his seat. Apparently, he had passed away during the show. Some speculated he went during the "Layla" encore.  Could be worse ways, I guess.

A close second would be the few times I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan in concert. Stevie never disappointed. I saw him before and after rehab. Before rehab, backstage party was like something from a movie. Wild!

The next time I went to see him, I was unaware he had been in rehab. I was set for another wild backstage party. Nope! Bottles of water and fruit baskets.

There are so many great concert memories. I'm hoping that soon we can return to the way it was. I miss Moondance Jam and all the great shows in the Cities. I also wish Halfway Jam would have been able to continue.

The new outdoor venue in Waite park shows great promise for some local and national acts. It would have been up and going by now, I think, if it hadn't been for the COVID-19 thing dropping in on the planet.

What's you best concert memory?




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