I've been pretty lucky (knock on wood) as far as speeding tickets go. My dad always told me to drive like I have a body in the trunk. Good advice. However, I do tend to treat the posted speed limit as more of a suggestion than a rule.


When I was 16, after only having my license for a couple of months, I was ticketed for going 55 in a 25 mph zone. That was the last ticket for speeding that I've had except for a city ticket I got several years ago in Motley. That one never went on my record because I paid it to the city of Motley.

I'm on either highway 10 or Interstate 94 at least once a week. I swear, no one, well hardly anyone drives the speed limit. Ten miles an hour over the speed limit seems to be the norm.

One nice thing about having a clean driving record is that when I do get pulled over, I get a verbal warning or maybe a written warning. I guess no one wants to tarnish my glowing record.

What's the biggest speeding ticket you ever got?  How fast or how much over the limit were you going?