I have to admit, most traffic lights are pretty good and for the most part keep you moving pretty good down Division. however, there are those lights that take forever to change. It's especially frustrating when you are trying to get somewhere in a timely fashion and your stuck at a light that just doesn't seem like it's ever going to change. What really drives me crazy are the lights that stay red forever, even when there is zero traffic coming across. I'm always tempted to just blow through the light, since no one is coming but Then I think there is probably a cop sitting and waiting for me to do just that. Are most lights on a timer or tripped by the amount of traffic going in any given direction?  I guess we should be thankful that St Cloud traffic isn't nearly as bad as other places in the country. Sometimes we may bitch about it, but believe me, it could be much worse. So, where are the most f'd up stop lights in town?

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