Sandwiches.  There's just something about sandwiches that says "lunch".  Maybe it's because when you're a kid, you usually get a sandwich for lunch.  And it's super easy and portable.  So you can eat a sandwich on the go.

Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash
Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

But then there are places that take that sandwich theme to another level, and it's definitely not portable. In fact, sometimes it almost seems like it's made for a meal and would feed a family of four.  It's not like your run of the mill PB and J.

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Today is National Sandwich Day. I'm not sure who comes up with all of these "national" days.  But here it is. National Sandwich Day.  And a website lets you know what the most popular sandwich is per state.  And  "sandwiches" like hamburgers are not included on this list.  Just because some people call that a sandwich because it's on a bun doesn't make it a traditional sandwich.  PB and J wasn't even the main favorite.  That surprises me.

The most popular sandwich in Minnesota is a fried egg sandwich.  I think I've one of those once in my lifetime.  No one I know eats those on a regular basis either.  I would have guessed egg salad, a club sandwich, or a BLT.  Nope.  Fried egg.  Ok, whatever.

The most popular sandwiches over all were Chicken salad and Tuna salad.  Ok.  That makes sense.  I do like both of those.  Cold tuna, good. Hot tuna, bad. Like a tuna melt.  Gross.

What's your favorite sandwich?

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