We all have that one meal that we hated as kids. The one you smelled when you walked in the door and just thought, crap!

kid 2

Granted, it's tough when you have a family that all don't enjoy the same food. I figured that my parents didn't ever tailor the menu to what us kids liked. They cooked what the liked, and we'd better eat it.

When I was a kid, alternative meals didn't exist. We had two choices,eat what's served or go hungry. Never did my parents ever prepare a alternative meal if we didn't like what was on the menu.

For the most part, our meals were pretty good. My dad did most of the cooking. The one meal that sticks out in my memory as inedible would be liver and onions. Why would anyone want to eat an organ that filters all kinds of crap?

Oh yeah, let's not forget corn beef and cabbage. That really sucked and stunk up the entire house.

What did your parents serve that you absolutely could not stomach?

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