Even though this year has been nothing but a fustercluck and most annual traditions have been put on hold or cancelled, it still wasn't the worst Thanksgiving, ever, for me.

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I spent all of last week at home taking care of our two dogs Astro and Zoey, as well as ted the cat. Except for a few phone calls, I had no human contact for the entire week. Can't say it was all bad.

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My wife was in Washington D.C. helping her daughter move and my daughters opted to play it safe this Thanksgiving and stay at home. So, it wasn't the gut busting Thanksgiving I look forward to every year.

I think the worst Thanksgiving I've had was in the late 70's living on the beach in San Diego, CA.  I worked at a liquor store that was literally open 365 days a year. I once complained to my boss about working Easter Sunday and he just replied "If the Lord can rise from the dead and move a big rock, you can come to work".  Got me there.

Anyway, after working all day Thanksgiving at the liquor store, I met my sister at the restaurant that no one thinks of on Thanksgiving, Denny's. We met there at around 10 PM and enjoyed some hot turkey sandwiches. At the time, I thought this really sucked but looking back it wasn't so bad, I guess. It's all what you make it.

What's the worst or not exactly the best Thanksgiving you've experienced?

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