I found this little article about Minnesota, and what you should add to your own Minnesota Bucket list.  Things that you should try, or things that are super cool to see... I love the quaint little restaurants on this list too...

Laura Bradshaw laura@1037theloon.com

You can actually click on any city- they are listed alphabetically.  Unfortunately, when this list was compiled some of the places were not closed, and now they are.  It just makes it a little more sad.  But there are still some gems... and a lot of places that I hadn't even heard of before seeing this list.  There seems to be a reason to go to almost every city in the state for one thing or another, depending on what you like to do.

So, next time you decide to take a little road trip around our great state of Minnesota, take this list with you and stop to smell the roses, or food, or maybe a forest.