In my mind, and that's a dangerous place to hang out, the perfect Winter would be 3 inches of snow a few days before Christmas and then have it all melt the first week of February so Spring can start.


I'm not crazy about clearing the driveway and sidewalks a lot. Several winters ago, I think I had to do snow cleanup just about every day. that sucked.

Well according to, which says we had a quarter inch October 28th in 2017 and a half inch October 15th in 2018. Going off those numbers, their prediction for when Minnesota can expect it's first snowfall of the season would be in the 2nd week in November.

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I know the snowmobilers and cross country skiers, etc. are chomping at the bit for tons of snow every year. Can't fault them for that but after living in southern climates, a good part of my adult life, my main winter activity now, is staying warm.

Actually, it's not even the snow and cold that gets me. It's driving conditions. I commute  weekends and I hate those white knuckle drives in the winter.

So, it looks like there is no need to panic and get the shovels and boots out just yet. The middle of November is still a good 6 to 7 weeks away. I was kind of looking for a nice October, which can still happen, we'll see.

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