As much as some may try to avoid it, society expects a person to start adulting, sooner or later. A recent survey asked 2000 people what age, they felt like an adult?  The average answer for men was 26 years old and for women it was 23.

The survey also asked what are the signs you have reached adulthood?  The top five answers were investing in a 401K, Doing your own taxes, buying a house, having a budget and working on your credit score.


Some of the other signs were doing your own laundry, visiting the doctor on a regular basis, using a list when grocery shopping, cooking dinner most nights, watching the news and changing you sheet regularly.

They also looked at what "kids" foods you still eat as an adult. In the last month people reported eating at least once, pizza, spaghetti, hot dog, mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.

The most adult things you would find in a kitchen were oatmeal, chicken, veggies, frozen food, meat, milk, fish, fruit, baking stuff and coffee.


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