When we plan a trip, we assume everything will be ready for us when the dates of our trip come along, with the fire at the History Lutsen Lodge early Tuesday Morning, what is next for those who had plans to stay at the resort? 

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The General Manager of the property told media outlets that his first goal after making sure the staff there was ok, was to reach out to guests who had reservations there and try to help them find other accommodations so they can still take their vacations as they had planned.  

In addition to being a popular place to stay on vacation in Minnesota, the Lutsen Lodge featured fine dining and was a desirable location for weddings, so some people may have to look for a new place for their Wedding, but it appears that the folks at Lutsen are lending a helping hand.  

The Tuesday Morning fire that claimed the lodge in Lutsen is not the first fire that the popular property has had. In fact, there have been two previous fires there. 

The Lutsen Lodge had been serving people since 1885 and had its first fire in 1949. A second fire at the location struck in 1951. Reports state that the owner of the Lutsen Lodge still has the plans that were used in 1951, and those will serve as a template to rebuild with as many of the attractive features that have made the lodge so popular over the years. 

The website for the Lodge said it was Minnesota's Oldest and Most Beloved Resort which could be found along the Nort Shore of Lake Superior. 

When the rebuild begins it will give an opportunity to update some of the features that were becoming dated.  

KARE-TV reports that the building was a total loss. The fire was reported by employees around 12:30 Tuesday morning, there were no guests staying there at the time.  

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