I ran across this list, and you may agree or not agree, but it ranks the top 30 ballparks.  This criteria is based on:

A look into all 30 current MLB stadiums and ranked them by how great the fan experience is. We used factors including amenities, prices, atmosphere, views and on-field production to create the standings, as well as visitor ratings recorded by Google users.

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Target Field came in at number 16.  Here's what was said about this ballpark:

Among the newer ballparks in MLB, Minnesota’s Target Field has gotten solid marks from fans in its first decade of existence. You won’t find much cheaper parking at any stadium in the league, with spots going for $6, according to GoBankingRates.com.  But where Target Field really shines is its food and beer selections. This stadium boasts one of the largest selections of local beers to be found at any stadium. Plus, there’s a two-foot-long chili dog known as the Boom Stick, which will cost you about $27 to dig into.  

The top 5 came in like this...

5.  Miller Park (or whatever it's called now) - Brewers

4.  Wrigley Field- Cubs

3.  Busch Stadium- St. Louis Cards

2.  Oriole Park- Baltimore

1.  Fenway Park- Red Sox.  The oldest stadium gets the top ranking.  It is also not at all cheap to attend a ball game in this stadium, but apparently it is totally worth the price of admission.