You probably noticed last Spring, Summer and Fall that there seemed to be a lot of people riding bikes. It appears that many people in Minnesota decided maybe it was time to take up biking to pass the time during the pandemic. Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Motorists And Cyclists Co-Exist In Urban Traffic
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

And why not?  It's good exercise, gets you outdoors and it beats flattening your butt on the couch all day.

According to Eric's Bike Board Ski, with stores throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota with one right here in St Cloud, it would be a good idea to shop early this year if you are in the market for a bicycle. Eric's anticipates that sales will be booming again this Spring and Eric's anticipates inventory will be tight on bikes and accessories again this year.

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If Eric's doesn't have your bike in stock, you can still order it but the wait could be 2 to 5 months for delivery. So, worst case scenario, maybe you'd take delivery in August. "Bike sales definitely took off, I would say April into May last season — and really never let off," Erik’s Bike Board Ski regional manager Chris Rogers recently told MPR.

Market researcher, NPD Group says April 2020 sales were up about 75% over the previous year resulting in about one billion dollars in sales.  A usual April would post about $550 to $575 million in sales.

Mom & Pop bike shops may take the brunt of the shortage as the big boys like Walmart, Target and Dick's Sporting Goods are usually in the front of the inventory line.  If you are able to find a bike you wish to purchase, chances are you may end up paying about 30% more for it due to the shortage.

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