Fun fact about peacocks, they mate....obviously, and if there is no other peacock's around, they will go out and find another peacock to fill that void.

There is a peacock that lives on a hobby farm near Annandale that has gone missing.  He apparently went to find a girlfriend.  It's mating season and he needs to get his peacock groove on.  So to speak.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

The problem is that Dave's owners would like to have him back, please.  I mean you might thing how hard is it to find a peacock??  Especially with that tail!  But actually, if the peacock isn't in "full tail mode" then it might be a bit hard to find.

I would say, that if you live in the area, and you have any female peacocks on your farm or you know of some that hang out in the area where you live, be on the look out for Dave.  Not sure if he will come when he's called, but you could try.

Dave's owners say that if they get him back they will make sure to get him a girlfriend so they won't have to worry about this issue happening again.

Cheers to mating season!

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