It's definitely grilling season.  I get that people grill all year round... at least some people do. Gotta admire the dedication to the craft of grilling.  And to some, it is really an art.  The "grill master",

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But on this very simple food for grilling.. brats and/or burgers.  I mean, there really aren't a ton of ways to grill either one of these things.  Usually people just want a burger done. Not like steak... although some people can be divas about that.  But most just like it done, cheese or no cheese, and whatever other topping you would like.  Brats are the same thing.  Just grill til they are done, or hot all the way through and call it a day.

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But there are these things... do you like burgers better, or brats better?  I'm definitely a burger person.  I might get a little particular about my toppings and how they are applied, but just grill the burger, don't burn it and Yummy.


Someone decided to put together a list of different states and who likes what more as far as burgers or brats.  Where did Minnesota fall? Looks like we like our burgers.  But if you were to ask last year, we liked our brats.  Why the change?

What do you like?  Chicken?