There is a Twitter war going on asking which show was better... Friends or Seinfeld?  Personally, I feel like those shows were completely different, and very good in their own way.  BUT, with that said, I feel like Seinfeld is much more quotable.  You still hear people saying things that were in the Seinfeld shows.  There are a couple from Friends too, like Joey's "How YOU doin?"  But that is the one that you hear the most... Joey lines.  Or you may hear an occasional "Smelly Cat" or other things from Phoebe.  And the "We were on a break!" from Ross.  But that is basically the extent of the quotes.  Seinfeld quotes are endless.  If you are going with quotable lines, Seinfeld wins, hands down.

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But Friends did have their own time as well.  I just don't think there is a big comparison between the two.  But if you make me pick one... gotta go with Seinfeld.  But I did love Friends as well.


Which one did you think was funnier?

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