Well, just in case it's not on your calendar, today is National French Fry Day. To celebrate, McDonald's is offering free fries all day when you order on their app.

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I may be in the minority, but McDonald's fries are far from my favorite. On my favorites list there are several other fast food joints that have better fries and I should know. Since I'm away from home 5 days a week, I tend to hit a fast food place or two during the week. So, here's my take of the best fries in St Cloud.

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Wendy's has those thick cut fries and they always seem fresh and pretty much come lightly salted to allow you to salt to your own taste. By the way, Wndy's comes in 2nd on my places for the best fast food burgers.

Burger King has little to brag about when it comes to french fries. It's almost like an afterthought.

Culver's has my favorite fries. You just can't beat a crinkle fry. Culver's also comes in as my favorite fast food burger in St Cloud. Actually, there's not a loser on their entire menu. I tend to order the cod dinner often.  not cheap but worth it.

Who do you think has the best fries in St Cloud, as far as fast food places go?

Oh, and Happy National French Fry Day!


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