I'm always so amazed at everyone that does these studies.  And who do they ask, have you ever been asked your opinion, or if you do some activity for any of these weird surveys/studies?  I certainly haven't been.  Although in this case I think that is probably ok considering the results.

The survey that I'm talking about this time is what is the most googled topic per state.  And guess what, most of the had to deal with poop, or some derivative of poop.  Gross, right?


From the looks of this results map, people in the Unites States are concerned with stress, not enough sleep, and poop.  Maybe they are all sort of working together to provide that issue.  Seriously.

I do think that IBS Symptoms and Irritable are the same thing.  As are Insomnia and Loss of Sleep.  Why are they naming it different things depending on the state?  Not sure.

But from these results, it seems as though the whole country is obsessed with poop.  Great thing to be proud of, right?