We thought it would be fun to let you in on a little studio joke.  It's rumored that  someone... we don't want to name any names, but someone MIGHT be watching nudie videos in the studio.

So the studio we share a window with decided it would be funny if they started covering said window with the spreads from Cat Fancy.  That magazine for cat lovers.

It's time to step it up a notch.  We've had one lonely cat picture up in the window for months.  Wouldn't it be funny if said person comes in one day and the entire window and maybe even studio is plastered in Cat Fancy spreads?

You can help make this happen.  If you have any Cat Fancy spreads or any weird cat themed magazines lying around collecting dust, bring them our way.  Just drop them by the Loon studios at 640 SE Lincoln Ave in St. Cloud during regular business hours and we'll make sure each and every cat photo finds a home here in the Loon studio.

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