Certainly not for everyone across the United States, but for those who own farms in the Midwest, water has been the key ingredient that's been missing this summer. For all farmers, it's been a difficult year to say the least, but thinking about the upcoming holiday season, I was wondering how the drought has been affecting tree farmers, and  specifically, how will the drought affect Christmas tree prices this year?

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Because of the drought, farmers on local tree farms have had to spend more money on watering than they would in a normal year. Because of that, it is costing the farmers more this year than in a typical year.  Will those prices be passed on to us?


The best way to help area farmers, especially in a year like this, is to buy a real tree for Christmas.  Typically you can get a tree for around $60, but prices vary depending on the type of tree you want, and the size of the tree.

Tree farms haven't had as great success in planting new trees this year, and that is where tree prices could also be affected. There will probably be less trees in the future to choose from, which could drive the prices of trees even more. Let's all hope that we have rain in these next few weeks, and maybe keep your artificial tree in storage this year, and help our farmers out by purchasing local trees for your holiday celebrating.


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