I always wondered what would I do if I won big money in the lottery, let's say Mega Millions.

Would I donate a chunk to charity, would I invest it on property, would I buy an island. Just think of all the vacations you can take, what would you do with your lottery winnings? It would be in a true sense of the phrase, "living the dream".  In a report in "The New Republic" the chances of winning the big one are 1 in 176  Million but on the other side of the coin there will eventually be a winner.

It's like providing all the beer at your party, you find out who your friends really or do you? Just imagine all the marriage proposals you'd get and how everyone now considers you their best friend, and the family members that need loans to get out of debt.

You will be hounded the rest of your life and you will also start to hear the rumblings of who we hope will be put in your will. You are the winner of big money and we are the loser, we can't wait for you to kill over so we can start to live off our inheritance. Family or friends will want to run your life and control your money. Oh and Heaven forbid I fail to mention all the threats you'll receive.

I'm just saying a penny for your thoughts, will you find happiness winning once the thrill of it all is over and you return back to your baseline personality. Yep you can only stay on cloud nine for so long.

Ahh can I borrow a dollar?