It was 40 years ago this week that the TV show WKRP premiered. Though it only ran for 4 seasons, '78-'92, consisting of 90 episodes, it certainly made an impact on me.


I remember watching WKRP and thinking "Hey, I could do that."  It wasn't long after WKRP that I entered the "profession" of radio broadcasting and I blame WKRP for luring me into the dark and thankless trenches of radio..

Back before corporate radio, the business was very much like the TV show. Stations were usually family owned and jocks were allowed a lot of freedom. There was always the constant battle between sales and programming. Herb Tarlek. sales manager for WKRP, was very accurate in most of his portrayal.

There was always that kind of Ginger/ Mary Ann thing with characters Bailey and Jennifer. You were either a Jennifer guy or a Bailey guy.

It was a great show while it lasted. It's demise, I think had to do with the network moving it around on the schedule. That has killed many shows.

Anyway, I blame WKRP in Cincinnati for my life in radio. Depending on the day, I either blame them or thank them.  Mostly thank them.

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