After just hosting Thanksgiving dinner at our house, I get that it can be a bit pricey, but you are they host.  That's what you do.  Next time someone else can host, and then it will be on their dime.  I mean, people generally bring some sort of dish to pass... but this is kind of ridiculous.



I'm also thinking $21?  And you're actually going to charge your guests?  Are you sure they are still coming?  Or maybe you're just planning hittin' them up with this information when they come in the door?  That would be a bad idea.

This woman's justification is that she isn't making the dinner, she is having it catered. I still think this is totally tacky.  It's your choice to cater the meal.  If you wanted people to pay, you should have had it at a restaurant and did an a la carte menu,

Fake menu

So the question is this- is this acceptable or tacky?  I'm going with tacky.  EXTREMELY tacky.


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