Wow, talk about your daily grind. If you think you had a tough Monday, check out the day Jill Geninger had.

Jill was killed when she fell into an industrial meat grinder Monday afternoon in Pennsylvania. Jill Geninger died after she fell into the heavy machinery at the Economy Locker storage Company. She allegedly fell from a set of small wheeled steps.

One of her coworkers heard a strange sound coming from the machine and went to investigate the cause. He found Greninger mangled in the grinder and called 911.


She died at the scene and first responders spent 45 minutes disassembling the machine to remove her body. it's unclear whether she fell in or was pulled in while trying to grab something. Although it seems pretty obvious to me, the cause of her death is under investigation.

Gee, I don't know, I think I'll be a vegetarian for awhile.

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