Mary Beth Fraser recently moved out of Minnesota to Kentucky but made sure to get back to Minnesota to take in the Minnesota State Fair.  She missed not going last year and told FOX 9  "I came back because I needed my Pronto Pup fix! We didn't get it last year," Mary Beth said.

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Mary Beth took in all her favorite things at the Great Minnesota Get Together but on the way out, she wasn't feeling right. "On the way back, the left side of my face started to go numb...I thought I would feel better in the air conditioning and sitting down. I got off the bus, and I couldn't walk," Mary Beth said.

She was lucky enough to make it to the park & ride lot she was parked in but collapsed in the lot. Luckily, people from the bus saw her collapse and jumped off the bus to help her.

"If someone hadn't been looking out for me, I could have been in very serious trouble or probably killed somebody trying to drive back to my hotel in Stillwater from Hamline and 36th," said Fraser.

Mary Beth has returned to her home in Kentucky and has some rehab and physical and speech therapy to do to get her back on track.

Mary Beth's quest now is to locate the people that helped her during her stroke. They very well are responsible for saving her life. I can only imagine the gratitude she feels toward those that helped her during her stroke.

When someone suffers a stroke, time is of the essence. These good Samaritans for sure had a part in saving Mary Beth's life and she wants to find them and thank them.

"I just hope that there would be a way to get the word out to the people who helped me, because I have no idea who they are, how very grateful I am and just what they did that day," said Mary Beth

If you know who any of these good Samaritans are, reach out to FOX 9 and they can put you in touch with May Beth.

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