Time to get weird weirdos and let your freak flag fly.  It's Wonderful Weirdos Day!

This "holiday" was created by celebration aficionado, Tom Roy to recognize the weirdness in Austin, Texas.  It all started in 2000 when "Keep Austin Weird" caught on as the official slogan, gracing bumper stickers, t-shirts and more.  However, the weirdness is catching on in other parts of the country as well.

We're celebrating today by recognizing some of the weirdest criminals of all time.  Do you remember any of these freaks?

1.  The Cheese Pervert - Do you remember the story about the guy who was driving around in the nude with a block of Swiss cheese in his lap.  He would drive up to random women and offer them money to put cheese on his "bits & bobbins".  Can you blame the guy?  I mean, that Swiss cheese just looks like it's asking for it. - USA Today

2.  The $360 Billion Check - You have to wonder where one Texas man's head was at when he tried to cash a fake check for $360 billion.  Maybe he didn't understand what all those zeros meant.  Did he actually think his local bank just had $360 billion in cash lying around?  - CBS News

3.  The Porno Private Eye - In 2008 a guy went into his local video store and claimed he worked for the state's Age Verification Unit and would need copies of all their pornography tapes to verify that the performers were of legal age.  He even produced a fake badge.  To make matters worse, after a failed first attempt, he went back, not once, but TWICE to the same location.  - NBC News

4.  The Narco Telemarketer - If you're going to sell drugs (and I do NOT recommend it as a career choice) you should be very careful who you try to sell to.  Calling up people at random and offering to sell them drugs is a terrible idea.  One Florida teenager was not aware of this information.  He tried telemarketing drugs and ended up calling a police officer.  It wasn't difficult to set up a meeting and make the bust.  - Fox News

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