Now I know that we all would like to see the Vikings in the Super Bowl- winning a Super Bowl.  Let's please end this streak of the "Choking Vikings".  Missed Field goals, missed opportunities, injury, getting in their own heads, etc.  But things could be worse.

We could be Browns fans.

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But here is the thing- if you are a betting person, you could possibly, but not probably stand to win quite a bit of money if in the off chance that the Browns go to the Super Bowl.  And even more if they win!  By the way, if you haven't been paying attention, the Browns have only won 1 game in the last 2 seasons.  And if you are the team that they beat, how embarrassed are you?

Yeah- I'm talking to you, Chargers!

The Vegas odds for the Browns to win the Super Bowl are 60-1.  Put even something like $100 down and you could win 6 grand.  That's something.  By the way... odds of the Vikings winning it all are 10-1.  I think that might be the highest we've been in a few years.

Regular season begins in just a couple of weeks.  Who are you betting on?  Here are Sports Illustrated predictions.  

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