For me- that is a hard pass.  This replica ship- Titanic II is going to sail the same route that the original one did.  The voyage will take place in 2022.  This was originally set for 2012, exactly 100 years after the first one, but because of some financial disputes it didn't happen.

The Titanic Centenary Memorial Held At The Port Of Southampton
Getty Images

I feel like it's karma.  Why would you want to do that?  Like I feel like it's cursed somehow.  I'm sure that they will take the necessary precautions to prevent a tragedy like the original Titanic from happening.  Like a lot more life boats, paying attention to any sort of iceberg warning... plus the equipment that we have now is far superior than what they had on Titanic.

There is the idea that this could be super cool- the "hey, we made it" accomplishment.  But I still feel like I'd rather hear about it afterwards than experiencing it first hand.  In the event that you would like more information, here is the link.

I'll wait safely on land and hear about the experience later.  Bon Voyage!

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