Apparently this is now a thing.  You don't need to have a wedding to register for gifts... housewarming gifts.



Personally, I wouldn't do that.  I feel like it's a bit tacky.  You have a housewarming party, and if someone wants to bring a gift, great.  If not, that's totally fine.

Are there exceptions to this?  Maybe. You are super young, have your first place on your own, now married, engaged or dating anyone... maybe you should have a housewarming party with gifts.  Better idea.. someone should have the party FOR you.  Kind of like a shower.  Maybe that would be less tacky.

...when it comes to the existence of housewarming registries in particular, there’s significant disagreement as to whether or not they have a place in our world. “You don’t register for a housewarming party,” says Lizzie Post, the great-great-granddaughter of etiquette maven Emily Post and the author of the new cannabis etiquette book Higher Etiquette. “A housewarming party is not about outfitting your house. It’s about warming your house with the presence of your family and friends.”

This is how I feel too... but this is a new generation, and maybe this will become more of the norm.

How do you feel about this trend?