Xcel Energy Center, one of the better concert venues in Minnesota is expanding some of it's rules for concert goers and other events.

Bennett Raglin, Getty Images

Beginning this week- people who are planning to go to the Blink 182 show, which is this Thursday the 12th, will be able to use a new cashless payment system.

Xcel Energy Center will implement dedicated electronic (cashless) payment systems at select locations in venue concessions and other points-of-sale. These locations will solely accept credit and gift cards, as well as mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. The move, announced in partnership with the venue's food and beverage provider Levy, is aimed at creating faster moving lines and increased fan satisfaction. 

Also- beginning in October 15th of this year, there will be a new expanded bag policy.  Girls- get out your clutch or wristlet.  This will be all you will be able to bring into the venue or use a clear plastic tote.  But watch the size.  The official requirements:

Also- if you smoke, prior to this you were able to go outside into a certain area and still be allowed re-entry.  This is no longer the policy.  There will be no re-entry allowed, even for smoking purposes.

This is the statement from Xcel regarding the new policiies...

"Xcel Energy Center is known for being passionate about creating the best experiences imaginable for our guests," said Vice President and General Manager Jack Larson. "We believe that these policy changes will help us promote an even safer and more enjoyable environment at our events."