There is "not too bright","stupid" and then there is "dumber than a bag of hammers". We'll file this guy under the "dumber than a bag of hammers".

Jessie Dean Kawolchuk, a 27 year of guy was wanted in Kamloops, British Columbia for 4 years on 3 outstanding warrants. Police in Kamloops posted on their website's Most wanted page. And they told people in the area to keep an eye out for this guy.

Well, it turns out Kowalchuk was not in the area any longer but he did see the post on the Kamloops Police website. Now, he had nothing to worry about because police were looking for him in Kamloops and he was no longer there.


But being dumber than a bag of hammers, this guy messaged the police on Facebook and said, quote, "News flash, morons: I'm in Edmonton and not coming back".

Police let the Edmonton cops know that Kowalchuk was in their city, so they kept an eye out for him. They found him last week and arrested him.

I think we can figure out who the real moron is, right?

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