Say you are extremely fortunate and pick all the correct numbers this weekend and you win the lottery jackpot. The amount of your winning is more money than you ever dreamed of having. I don't know about you but I think often what I would do with all that money.

Money Pile Bundles of $100 USD Notes
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I always get a kick out of people that don't play unless the jackpot is huge. What, you can't use 20 million dollars? Or people who think, when the jackpot is huge, that the odds are worse.  Wrong!  The odds are the same no matter how many people play.

Some people never play and I understand their reasoning. The odds are enormous and you may be better off just hanging onto your money. Me? I like to think of it as renting hope. For a couple of bucks a week I can dream of winning the big pot.

So, if you win this weekend, what's the very first thing you would buy?

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